domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Churrasquinho de gato - Cat barbecue

Contaram-me que certa vez, após um vôo em Caraguatatuba, Felipe e amigos foram até um senhor que vendia churrasco em espetos numa rua qualquer, perto da praia, e pediram espetos de carne bovina, além da habitual cerveja.

"Once they told me that , after a flight in Caraguatatuba, Felipe and friends went to a gentleman who was selling barbecue skewers in a stree, near the beach and asked forskewers of beef, besides the usual beer."
Eis que, após longa conversa, o senhor que vendia os espetos se simpatizou com meu pai de tal forma que, quando meu pai resolveu lhe perguntar de que parte do boi era feito o espeto, o senhor lhe revelou que na verdade era carne de gato, e não de boi.

"After a long conversation, the man who sold the skewers sympathized with my dad so that when my father decided to ask him what part of the ox was done the spit, The sir told him it was actually cat meat and not ox beef."
Diante da revelação, um dos amigos dele partiu pra cima do senhor, querendo brigar, mas Felipe, que era de paz, interrompeu este amigo indignado e, numa cena hilária, voltou-se para o senhor e lhe disse “me dê mais um espetinho que está bom pra caramba!”.
"Faced with the revelation, one of his friends went up to the sir, wanting to fight, but Felipe, who loved peace, interrupted the angry friend and in a hilarious scene, he turned to the sir and said "give me one more cat skewer that is too damn good. ""

Quem o conhecia sabe bem que ele era capaz disso.

"Those who knew him knows that he was capable of it."
Hight tecnology at hands

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  1. :))))

    This cat from you're pic. looks like that cat from Alice in Wonderland...Cheshire. Did you see the movie?

    Tim Burton & Johnny Deep is like Tom & Jerry .... you say can not exist one without the other and together make all the magic .... magic that last for many years as many movies are proof that have the two together and who were and are masterpieces. I just remember right now,,You must see the movie with the little one.:)

    not this..:P

  2. Not yet, Dyeve.. but I'm dying to watch this movie.
    Did you know that the famous CD of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1974) was done according to the famous Disney cartoon? They say if you start watching the movie and the CD at the same time, you see that they follow the same rhythm!
    Johnny Depp and Tim Burtom really make a successful partnership, since from the movie "Edward Scissorhands". But Alice is special to me! I love that crazy white rabbit!
    Thank you.